Edit Your Dreams

Everyone has a dream in mind; to make it complete we make some new plans, Set some targets or challenge. But when we do not get success according to that, and think that maybe this will not happen now, then at that time you think it is necessary to retreat
Here it is very important to know this, how do you think it will not be done now?

Did you work according to the goals you set?
Did you work as per plans?
Did you track you process?
Did you find the main reason?
Or did you think like that it will not be done now??

Then I will say to you here, Wait!

Success is not met once, if you read about any discovery, you will find how many times scientist failed before single invention. 

If you say here that you have suffered frustration many times, Then I will ask you please edit your goals, maybe you see some changes.
Friends, I am not writing a story, but I am writing a fact. Because many times the goals set by us are not appropriate according to our dreams.

So, what can we do to simplify?
Is it even possible when we almost think to retreat?

Yes, it’s possible; with some willingness to change.

There are few key lesson, which helps you to edit your goals:

Give Credit to Your Struggle

First, give credit to your struggle because you are one of those people who have a desire to do something. You are better than those who have not started yet. There were many ways to do everything, we just have to adopt a new way.
Move out all stress, fear, failure, disappointment and frustration. And keep this in your mind, success does not get at one time. In the way of success, you will fail again and again, people demotivate you, pushed you back. But if you’re open to change, and have an open mind about your dreams, you can easily get success.

Faith: Believe in Yourself

Faith is big sign of success. When you think about your dreams, there should be positive energy around you that say, “I am going to be most successful person”.
Faith comes from your daily progress, when you work per your goals, how you are doing and how you will achieve it.

Find the Root Cause

Try to find the real issue which pushing to backwards. move towards the problem, it will help you to find the root cause of the problems. Look at the problem. Accept it. Accept that this is the same way, with understanding that it can change, if you accept it. Determine what happened & why it happened. When you have the root cause of the problems, you can easily prevent the problem from happening again because you will have solution of the problems.

Get Clear About What You Want

I think this is a big problem too, we are rarely clear on what we want, we just set the goal but do not know what we do.
If we know what & why to do, then I think we can do much better. So, before you set the goals, know your work and their requirement and modify accordingly. I strongly recommend you get someone to support you through the process to identify and deal with it.

Break Your Task in to Small Sizes

Sometimes we set a very difficult limit for your goals. In this situation, chasing life goals can be very scary, and you may be disappointed.
Make a flow with priorities and start very small. You might find very small step but don’t discount the power of this. The longest journey starts with a single step. If we do half of what you can imagine, then we can easily reach our goals.

Track Your Daily Progress

This is really important. Every day is a new step for you and you have to go a long way.
create a do-to list and look into list and see which ones need to be done first, those might include your everyday task.
Once you’ve set your daily routines, give it a go. At the end of the Day, review how it works. If there are things that just didn’t work, make adjustments.
Make adjustments, and try it again, until you find what works with you.

Never Give Up: Focus on You Goal

If you have question, why do you want to be successful? you will never stop.
When you put one step above it is possible that you fail, remember that only your work has failed but you are not a failure.
Check why this does not work and finds a way to make it better. As long as you want to succeed, there is a chance to try once more
Motivate yourself every day. Read failure stories of successful peoples, listen and watch motivational material. Feed your brain with the stuff that inspire you.
Don’t hesitate to learn from anyone. KILL THOSE EXCUSES THAT ARE HOLDING YOU BACK.

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up. ― Thomas Edison

Of course, these are not the only key point to re-edit your goals. But the best ones are the ones you discover yourself. Try these and see what happens.


Watch this video “Never Give up” by “Nick Vujicic”


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