Guide to Deal Stress at Work

You were energetic but not focused. It’s starting phase of stress


How to deal with Stress at Work


What is Stress

Stress is when your mind is not acting as what is demand. You were energetic but not focused. It’s starting phase of stress. It is not a external pressure, such as reaching deadlines, but it’s internal pressure create by our thought that triggers stress.
Meanwhile if you are not able to control it, it will be causing your health, mind, your production and your relation.

Stress at low level helps you to be more productive, give energy to meet new challenge and extra strength to achieve your goals.

How to Deal with Stress at Work

Try to Boycott Office Politics

Politics is the main reason of work related stress. We always think, those who involving in politics are getting benefit, but in actual they also victims of the same. There is one thing about office politics- you can hate it, love it or even practice it but you cannot escape.

Time Management

Time management helps you to manage entire day to day to work. Divide your work according to choose like what to do first or what at last, and try edit it as requirement. Accept that you are not a machine that you can do everything at once. Start to priorities and diaries your tasks.
Remember as well to create buffer times to deal with unexpected and emergency tasks, and to include time for your own relaxation and well-being.

Meet with Team Your Members

Just talking to someone about how you feel can be helpful. Talking can work by either distracting you from your stressful thoughts or releasing some of the built-up tension by discussing it. According to my experience, in every office everyone has very good friends and some just like friends. But even then, you say Hello to them, this small step will also help you overcome your stress and there will be a good friendship between you.

Try to Learn Something New every day

When we are continuously doing the same work for a long time and there was no learning in it, we would be disappointed, but we have nothing to do with it, because we have not learned anything new.
No doubt everyone goal at work is to earn money, but other side you want to successful in your carrier. You may work at many jobs in their life but learning will help you in every field. Do not hesitate to learn from anyone.

Never Hesitate to Say ‘No’

Many times, we have high volume of day to day work, even after that we take additional responsibility, which is a common cause of stress. Learning to say “no” for extra or unimportant requests will help reduce your stress level, and this will also help you develop more confidence.
Before you say “No” you need to know why you find it difficult.
You might feel reluctant to say “No” you can use below phrases:
“I am sorry but I can’t commit to this as I have other priorities at the moment.”
“I’d love to do this, but …”

Eat Healthy Diet

Your diet defines your Today, Tomorrow and Future. It determines our mood, behavior and action. it is an important part of healthy life style. Your diet helps you to stay energetic.


Sleep and stress is directly proportional to each other. A lack of sleep is a significant cause of stress. Unfortunately, though, stress also interrupts our sleep as thoughts keep whirling through our heads, stopping us from relaxing enough to fall asleep. Sleep at least 7-8 hours per day.

Caused by Stress

  • Heart attack/strokes
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Pain of any kind
  • Sleep problems
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Digestive problems
  • Skin conditions, such as eczema
  • Weight problems
  • Reproductive issues
  • Thinking and memory problems
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

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