6 Tips to become Successful


What is Success?

You have a dream and you want to be there, the final step of your destination is called success.
Success never means you have billion dollars in your account or this does not mean that the whole world knows you. You can define success in your words, every individual define success in their way. Some people say Success is money, Success is happiness, Success is power and many more…. Success is different things to different people.
For me Success is love yourself, liking what you do, write something, or editing video.

“In my opinion, true success should be measured by how happy you are.”Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group.

Tips to become Successful


Clear about your dream, be sure what you want to be. Once you have a dream you can easily follow the success path. If you don’t have a dream or goal you never know where you are going.
Dream is a blueprint of your success path and it will help of to assemble your future, without dream people get lost their success path.
Find any idol and get inspiration. But remember don’t follow anyone, as you never know about their dreams.
Inspiration is like a fuel, keep adding fuel otherwise your dreams may dies.


You can read Inspirational and motivational saying all day, but they won’t replace you, all you need is Hard Word. If you believe that after few years or months a magical time come in life and everything will change. Remember! This is excuse which is pushing you back to do something
Everybody dreaming to be a successful person in their life. Dreaming and pushing your self towards dream both are very different things. You will not be able to achieve your goal by dreaming, you will be the same as you were. You have to work hard.
You might face several rejection, failure, frustration and disappointment. Everything is not possible without a hard work. Remember! No pain no gain.



As I have already discussed in Find Your Dream, find any idol and follow, his inspiration can change your thinking.
You will be as you think.
“whatever you think that you will be. if you think yourself weak, weak you will be; if you think yourself strong, you will be” – Swami Vivekananda

You have a visualization of big dream and all depends on big thing. You will never reach their if you have limited thinking. Think creative, positive, make blue print of your success, and with open-mind. There is no scale to measure your thinking.

Donald Trump (President of USA) says “If you’re going to be thinking, you may as well think big.”
I have read a story in You Can Win (a book by Shiv Khera). There was a fisherman who, every time he caught a big fish, would throw it back into the river, keeping only the smaller ones. A man watching this unusual behavior asked the fisherman why he was doing this. The fisherman replied, “Because I have a small frying pan”. Same with us, if we think like we have small frying pan we have to kept small fishes. Thing big to dream big.



They demotivate you, don’t listen them.
Toxic people are those people who want to operate you, want you control you as they needy. They meet others only for purpose, not happy, feeling jealous and want to demotivate you. If you share something positive they might give you 100 of failure reason for same. They never tried for same even they show up like that they have well failure experience.
best way to stay away from toxic people is set your boundaries. Without boundaries means zero character. And zero character means, we’re zero.



Don’t just take, give back. Don’t hoard your knowledge share it. Do not think about how much effort and time spent in learning this. Think twice, think about how long it took, you to reach here and what difficulties were there. If, you will support the other people to get out of those difficulties people will give you great respect. You have a great experience, skill and knowledge which can make you expert leader. If you really want to grow share your knowledge and be an expert leader. It will help to get confidence on your doubts.



If your health fails, everything will fail; Your Plan, Dream, goal and even you.
It can be tricky, if you are focusing only on success your health can give you a sudden shock. You can earn money with time but don’t lose your health otherwise money will lose to gain your health.
Get enough sleep, eat healthy food, regularly meditation, regularly exercise, avoid smoking, drugs and alcohol.



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