Kill Those Excuses That Are Holding You Back

Kill Those Excuses That Are Holding You Back

Every person wants to do something in their life but he is always surrounded by some new excuses. It’s a human nature, we can easily kill those excuse to grow with time.

Our mind is meant to do something new but we do not do it because we have a huge list of excuses.

Here are 6 major excuses that we think again and again before starting something new: –

No Time

I know you are short on time because of work, family, kids, games…etc. We know that we have only 24 hours in day, which doesn’t mean we lose hope.
The best way to find solution for time is make priorities and work accordingly.


No Money

Money is big reason of every new possibilities. But that does not mean you lose hope.
This is the biggest reason to start something new. It’s an opportunity. When you don’t have money, you have new ideas to earn money, you don’t have nothing to lose.


It Not a Right Time

How you know the it’s not right time?
Do you really know about your future, that after certain time will comes a magical time in our lives?
Remember it, if you do not start today that magical time will never come.
You are the only one who can change your future time into a magical time. Stop worrying about that and plan to start new ways.


I’m Too Old Or Young

Oh! Again, if you are too young then do you have plan for future? if you are too old So what did you do in your young age? This excuse means you don’t have confidence.
You can achieve your goals any of ages. Your age just makes you flexible with circumstances and you think accordingly. Therefore, you are never too old or young to work for you goals and life plans.
If you are too old, learn from your failures and mistakes; If you are too young, read the failure stories of successful people. This will help you to gain understanding and confidence.


Don’t Have Right Skill

You can easily fight with this excuse. You can easily learn the Right Skill, just need you time and practice.
You are living in digital era. It’s not the 90s anymore. Everything is just a click away. There are thousands of websites which helps you to learn the right skill.


Fear of Failure

It’s a human nature. When people start they be afraid whether they will succeed or fail?
If you read the biography of successful people, then you will know that they failed at one time. They fought with time, status, public or other issues, but they never gave up.
Always remember, the road to success is always paved with obstacles, challenges and problems. Along this path everyone makes mistakes.

If you have to move forward, then end these habits today.


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